“Screw-Designer Professional is much more than a normal engineering screw calculation: It offers new ways of design bypreload history.dynamic warnings.recommendations.overall assessment.intuitive approach.Use it and you never will go back.”

Key features

of integrated non-linear calculation

Overelastic tightening and operation

Preload history over lifetime

Covering all relevant deviations

Strength degradation at elevated temperatures

Elastic-plastic material behavior

Huge database in background

This software is meanwhile optimized since years and now is a real engineering companion, if it comes to bolted joints. A system for virtual consulting with application-specific warnings and recommendations as well as info-sources and functional modules for fast and right  analytical modeling including an assessment and process orientation make engineering work easy.

Besides this, the software is really intuitively to use (direct response of results, large help-support) and avoids a lot of uncertain estimation-factors for input, which often are not known.

Higher performance of fastening systems

Real development assistant for fastening

Increased reliability of fastening systems

Maximized convenience

for highest efficiency

Assessment with experience

to optimize your product in the best way

Functional modules

for easy calculation of your application

Screw-Designer Professional

brings new ways to handle fastening; you can use this new opportunity for

better products

especially for Digitalization and Mechatronics with Light Weight Design of your mechanical structure

better processes

especially for short time to market, reduced testing without success, more lean and up-to-date-processes in manufacturing and quality management

better service

especially for fast finding of reasons of failures or complaints - this is important to show agility

Screw-Designer Professional

is designed to enhance your complete business for future priorities, not only to provide another screw calculation software based on existing rules - this has lead to the features we integrated. All together, this enhances your business development and company positioning in markets significantly - use the opportunity!


Two different versions

to meet your requirements... it is your choice!
  • Microsoft Windows based
  • Full version with one-time purchase
  • Standalone or network version available
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  • Cloud version for working online from everywhere from any device
  • Full scope of functions
  • Flexible time-periods to subscribe
  • Various payment methods or quotation possible

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